Vacuum cleaners can be a nightmare!

So, there was a day when I remember my parents getting excited because they were or had just purchased a new frying pan or kitchen gadget and I thought to myself, how sad must you be to get happy about buying a new wooden spoon or traditional carbon steel wok, although that does sound pretty cool, carbon steel!

Anyway, back to the story, I’m 28 years old, I moved out my family home when I was a little 20 year old and at that age if you would have asked me about vacuum cleaners, I would have given you the finger and just turned my ears off….. ironically, last weekend my cylinder vacuum cleaner died and I was literally sitting there on my sofa, looking at it thinking to myself, how does a bloody vacuum cleaner stop working.. lets get back to the excited story of parents and wooden spoons story then.

So yes, I needed a vacuum cleaner as the one I inherited had decided to go boom and die, I looked in the Argos catalog and I was met with a plethora of choice, prices ranging from cheap to dirt expensive and some went up to points I wasn’t even going to entertain.

Because there were so many to choose from, I needed help, I actually needed help and advice on which vacuum cleaner would be best suited to me, after all, I didn’t want to waste money especially if we’re parting with £100 or so pounds, So I did what any respectable 28 year old bachelor would do and I typed my question into Google.

I literally saw a couple of vacuum cleaners I liked the look of and they were all cordless vacuum cleaners as well and added “Review” at the end of their names and just read up on them, their pros & cons until I finally settled on one that looked the part as well as had the beezneeze reviews and was well priced might I add, WHAT?? I’m 28 years old, I need to take care of my pennies still.

All in all, this was a lot of time I wasted, INITIALLY* until I eventually looked around, shopped around and read some reviewing info that’s available out there for free, the internet is a like a massive library full of free information, we need to make sure to use the info that’s there in order to be savvy with the way we spend out money so that when we do, we know we’re making the right choice!